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Lindsay Fairbairn
The founder- is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, with business interests in the U.K. He is of Scottish origin and the eldest of eleven children. His poor background did not hinder him from striving to do better in life. It was with studying and ambition that enabled him to succeed; however he recognizes that the facilities available in the U.K. allowed for that ambition and drive for learning to come through.
In 2005, he had a chance to visit the Philippines and was able to witness first hand the poverty of the country. His humble beginnings made him very compassionate towards less fortunate individuals. He thought of ways to help and it was in the area of education that he felt he can be most helpful with. He believes that education is the only real ticket out of poverty.

Herbert Waser
A hotelier and business man who has lived in the U.K. for 40 years was born in post war Germany and understands that education is crucial in the formative years. By applying his undoubted marketing skills, he is delighted to grow the Foundation's work in advancing the education of deserving children.

Fiona Fairbairn
With a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics and recently qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, has studied southern Saharan Africa and is hopeful of expanding the foundations works to that region. Fiona's financial skills and city of London connections will assist greatly in growing the Foundation.

Sarah Elam

Began her career as an international officer for a British university during which time she travelled extensively, meeting students and visiting schools and colleges across South America, East Africa, the Gulf, Sub-continent and Asia.  She then went on to work as the marketing director for a major independent school and has spent recent years working as a consultant specialising in the field of education marketing. She is also a Governor at a state primary school. Her experience and contacts place her in an ideal position to take forward EFF’s Adopt a School scheme.

Anna Asinero
An experienced and qualified teacher in the Philippines for many years, and with international teaching qualifications, Anna appreciates in real and practical ways the needs by which children's education can be advanced. Ensuring things get done, Anna has spent considerable time and effort reaching out to the less privileged school children in her home area of Cagayan de Oro City on Mindanao.

Jasvinder Bhoday
Of Indian origins and familiar with the poor children of Delhi, Jasmin is determined to enable the Foundation to apply itself to helping the facilitating of schools in that area. To place limited resources to best effect is very important and Jasmin is researching these issues prior to a/each programme commencing; which is to be carried out in the more rural areas.


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